Market Quest

MarketQuest is Warsaw-based consulting company.

We specialize is offering value-for-money consulting servises for foreign companies looking to enter the Polish market.

We offer standardized market reports which can be bought online and as well as a wide range of hands-on services to get your business off the ground in Poland.

The standardized reports are designed to be as to-the-point as possible, without tiresome verbage.

The reports include all the most important information including market size, growth, main players and trends as well as a summary of trade shows and information sources.

Our company-specific services include a wide range of services such as market resarch, distributor search, company set-up, finding and adapting facilities as well as recruitment.


Tel: 00 48 22 626 07 90
Fax: 00 48 22 622 21 50
Kom: 00 48 604 41 58 59


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